“We are not preparing for the world we live in – we are preparing for the world we find ourselves in.” Michael Mabee

  • Training is all about preparation for the world you may encounter therefore the basis of all our training is practicality not just theory. It must meet the students needs, learning style and environment.
  • Our Survival Training is not about Bushcraft as such. It is about preparing the individual with the skills and thought processes to Survive to Rescue from a realistic situation they may encounter.
  • Our Medical Training is also based on the real world. Using training sessions that are adapted to suit the student and his environment as well as the equipment available we bring the students existing abilities to the fore.
  • We are very aware that many parts of the UK & Europe are remote enough from Statutory Medical help that even a small injury can result in a survival situation.
  • We offer a wide range of courses and training programs ranging from basic first aid through to bespoke medical & trauma management; and from 1-day Survival Awareness training to bespoke Survival teaching specific to environment.

Training courses can be delivered at your own site (including evenings and weekends). We believe that by offering a flexible approach towards training makes it easier for individuals and organisations to receive training; we also believe that to get the best from training it should be conducted in the environment that the clients work.  We would prefer to provide training on a Farm for farmers, in a forest for foresters, bushcrafters and arborists or in any remote location for adventurers and outdoor leaders.

imagesThe training programs we deliver are completely designed around student centered active learning. learning-pyramid All courses encourage audience participation and  lots of hands on training. Whilst it is almost impossible to eliminate some of the traditional passive methods from some courses our aim is to conduct the majority through the active skills of learning.  Demonstrations of the correct methods with Discussions to bring out student experiences and application from the real world, lots of Practice under guidence and finally the key methodology which proves competence the ability to Teach others, to guide someone else through the procedures of a skill.  All our training adhere to current international guidelines and most courses are assessed through continuous learning, removing the stress of assessments.
firstaidOur training team comprise of highly skilled and motivated professionals from a range of backgrounds including the Military, Medicine, Nursing, Pre-Hospital Care, Search & Rescue, Adventurers, Law enforcement and Fire & Rescue.  All our trainers have extensive experience in their specialised fields and remain current in their practice so they can talk from recent experiences.  They are all expert educators who can tailor educational sessions to suit an audience’s needs ensuring that the topic taught is kept relevant and interesting whilst maintaining a degree of fun during courses.