“We are not preparing for the world we live in – we are preparing for the world we find ourselves in.” Michael Mabee

We have our own shop which you can navigate to from the menu; However we also cater for those who have equipment needs and requirements that are more than the normal retail experience.

We know lots of shops and suppliers worldwide.

Whether it is helping to establish your requirements for equipment or taking the headache out of sourcing and procurement let us help you with your equipment needs.

From Defibs to Jungle Boots; from Equipment Carriers to splints
It is often difficult to know what is best for what you are about to go and do.

There are the latest developments
There are recommendations from local ‘experts’
There is what you see on TV & Films
There are often 3 or 4 variations on a theme
Variations in Price are difficult to understand
There are genuine articles and copies

And then

There is the best option based on experience

Our team of experts have years of experience of using the equipment in-extremis  in some of the most hostile and in-hospitable regions.  We can tell you what works and what does not work; what is practicable for your plans; and finally help you to source the equipment you need at competitive prices.