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Outdoors First Aid Courses

logo_RET2If you are interested in attending an Outdoors First Aid Course with Survival & Medical in the next 6 months please register your interest on the sign up form later in this post.  This will give us a start point for discussing locations and dates.

My thoughts are to run 1 or 2 courses for adults either side of Winter.

We have access to a camp ground in North Essex, with local accommodation if winter camping is not for you; we can also run the course at any campground you have access to, given sufficient numbers.


Please feel free to share this sign up with anybody else you think will be interested.

Stour Estuary Bushcraft FA8

Adult Courses

I am interested in attending or finding out more about an Outdoors First Aid Course in the next 6 months.

Children’s First Aid Courses

If you are also interested in First Aid Training for your Kids please complete the second form, this will be a course for the kids not how to treat kids.

Stour Estuary Kids 1

I am interested in my children receiving training in First Aid during the next 6 months.


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First Aid in your Preparation for Adventure

We would like to thank everybody who attended our lecture on First Aid in your Preparation for Adventure at the Adventure Overland Show.
From the link you can get a PDF Copy of the short slide set.

Adventure Overland


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Adventure Overland

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.12.13Come and join with Survival and Medical Services at the Adventure Overland Show at Stratford Racecourse 27-28 September.

We will be offering our usual mini presentations on our stand focusing on what you truly need to be thinking about for your next adventure!

Survival and Medical Services are proud to be sponsoring the Medical Zone this year. The Medical Zone is located adjacent to the Bushcraft and Survival Zone reflecting both the close relevance between Surviving and treating Medical Emergencies.

Look out for the Lecture Theater Presentations from Survival and Medical Services focusing on preparing for Adventures at home and further afield.

Survival and Medical will have a selection of Medical Equipment to suplement what you already have or complete kits to suit your needs.  Survival & First Aid Training Courses and Consultancy Services are available to suit your needs.

Looking forward to meeting you all there!


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Wilderness Gathering

Last weekend we had a great time at the Wilderness Gathering.  Over the 3 days of the weekend Ian gave three lectures each day:

Building a Wilderness First Aid Kit

Use of Haemostatic Agents in Wilderness Settings
Uses of a SAM Splint for Musculo Skeletal Injuries.

All the lectures were very well attended and received by everybody and the feedback we personally received was fantastic.
A big thank you is due to all those who attended the lectures or visited our stand to discuss First Aid in Wilderness Settings.

Here are some images from the 3 Days, one of our delegates videoed some lectures and after a bit of editing we will be posting them.

We said we would post a discount code for our web shop so here it is:-


This code at checkout will give you a 10% discount from web prices.

If you are at the Scout Association Reunion 6 & 7 Sept or Adventure Overland 27 & 28 Sept please visit our stand where we will be offering more free presentations.

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Register for Special Offers on First Aid Courses


From time to time we will have special offers on our First Aid Courses. These may be our own courses or a clients First Aid course where they have spare space.

We will also from time to time offer courses at large discount based on multiple bookings. Information on these courses will only be made available through registration.

Details of our standard available courses can be viewed on this page.

To be updated on our course offers please submit this form:

(you will not receive more than 1 mail per fortnight unless we have any fantastic short notice offers)

To return to our website click our logo at the top or bottom of this page!

Open First Aid & Medical Courses


Course Location



Cost pp

Group Discount(Full Course Booking)
Basic Life Support & CPR Ramsey


4 hrs


AED Ramsey


4 hrs


BLS & AED Ramsey


1 day


Paediatric First Aid Ramsey


2 day (9-3)


HSE Emergency First Aid Ramsey


1 day


HSE First Aid at Work Ramsey


3 day


HSE FAW Refresher Ramsey


1 day


IHCD First Person on Scene FPOS Ramsey


4 day



Courses will only be run with a minimum of 5 Students.

Venues also available in Chelmsford.

The majority of our open courses will be run from Ramsey War Memorial Hall in the village of Ramsey on the outskirts of Harwich. Ramsey is only 15 minutes from Colchester on the A120 and has ample parking. The closest rail station is Harwich International only 5 mins away. Local accommodation is available at B&B’s, local hotels and a Premiere Inn. All our open courses can be run at your own business or amenity location, please contact us to discuss your needs and facilities.

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Survival v’s Bushcraft

Modern Survival Situations V’s Primitive Living.

Bush Craft – Primitive Living

Bush Crafting or Primitive living is about making the backwoods or outdoors your home, whether is for the night or weekend or even longer.  It is about using natural resources and having a minimal impact on the environment.

Modern Survival

Survival situations come in may guises, they can be life threatening resulting in death within minutes, hours, days ,weeks or months. Statistically the majority of Survival Situations last up to 3 days before someone is found dead or alive.
It is a serious life threatening situation where little or no regard is given to the environment or anything else.  It may last more than 3 days but that just means you have to try harder and never give up.

If you are compromised in any form, whether lost, a car breakdown, or injury away from our standard response services you are in a Modern Survival Situation.

The Difference

Whilst all Modern Survival Skills originate from Primitive Living or Bush Craft the 2 are miles apart in their application although in both the main aim is to stay alive.  Anyone venturing into the outdoors or far away locations whether on foot or by vehicle, whether for recreation or work should learn and perfect Modern Survival Skills before learning the skills of primitive living or Bush Crafting.

Survival is a high stress situations that, even if you have prepared for, is unexpected and takes one immediately out of their comfort zone, often at a time when you are already tired, dehydrated and hungry.

There is a saying that “You don’t take a knife to a gun fight”

In a similar vein there is no point learning to light a fire with friction if you cannot successfully light one with a single match under stress.

Modern Survival Skills are about being good at using what you have, Primitive Living is about being good at using nature.

Modern Survival Skills requires:






will to survive




Survival and Medical Services aims to provide advice, training and support in Modern Survival Skills; from dealing with the stress’s both psychological and physiological, to the practical application of survival techniques and the planning and execution of rescue plans.

Click the How can we help you? box to discuss further or visit our web pages.




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Are you up for the challenge.


If you are man enough then why not give this a go.  Some instruction from the best, Escape & Evasion from a determined Hunter Force and Practical R to I experience if you are caught.celebritysurvive.seesites.biz_--_257845753

36 hours of pure adrenaline.

All in support of Veterans in Action or click the image










Surv Boot Camp




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First Aid Courses – Book Now


FA Boot Camp 1

Register Now for 2014 First Aid Courses in Harwich and North Essex


Courses to suit demand, Discounts for Block Bookings

  • Basic Life Support & CPR —— From £40pp
  • BLS, CPR & Defib ————– From £80pp
  • Paediatric BLS & CPR ———- From £40pp
  • Paediatric First Aid 2 day ——– From £150pp
  • HSE Emergency First Aid ———– From £100pp
  • HSE FAW 3 day ——————— From £240pp

Register now for your 2014 First Aid Training.  Click the register now and complete your details and the course you reg noware interested in and we will call you back to discuss your needs.  Block bookings of 75% of the places per course will attract 10% booking discount.  Prices include VAT for illustration.

All courses are Awarding Body Approved and Survival and Medical Services are approved to train and assess by the Awarding Body.

First Aid Bootcamp and Survival & Medical Services are trading names of Bonthrone Companies Ltd based in Ramsey, Harwich

We also run First Aid Parties.

Paediatric and Family First Aid Courses with friends and family in your own home!

for more information on visit our facebook page




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Navigation – Survival Boot Camp

Surv Boot Camp

Part 4 of our series John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman talks mainly about the first 4rd letter of our Survival Acronym P.L.A.N. F.O.R at the 2011 Bushcraft Show. This time it is Navigation and a little bit about First Aid.  We will cover First Aid in more depth later in the series.

( Protection; Location; Acquisition; Navigation;  Firs Aid; Organisation; Reliance (Self).)


fbreg now

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Acquisition 2 – Food – Survival

Surv Boot CampPart 3 of our series John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman talks more about the first 3rd letter of our Survival Acronym P.L.A.N. F.O.R at the 2011 Bushcraft Show. This time it is the acquisition of food.

( Protection; Location; Acquisition; Navigation;  First Aid; Organisation; Reliance (Self).)

Acquisition 2 – Survival Food