Bio – Steve Furnell – Resuscitation & Medical Consultancy

Steve is the Director and Owner of Resuscitation and Medical Consultancy (RAMC) who Survival & Medical Services are working in partnership with. RAMC_LOGO1-e1377535255546

Steve is known for his passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and honesty as he strives to achieve his goal of ensuring patients getting the best  care possible. A qualified nurse by background his career has primarily been in acute cardiac nursing, pre hospital care, resuscitation, project management and clinical education. Much of Steve’s Resuscitation Officer career was taken up as the first Lead Resuscitation Officer for the worlds largest Ambulance Service where he was part of the project team that established the cardiac care programme now used as a model throughout the rest of the UK and in other parts of the World.

Steve-BiogCurrently Steve’s passion is to offer the wide range of clients we have the best advise possible alongside the highest quality training. He believes that a combination of these two elements improves patient outcomes.  He remains current in his clinical practice by working part time for the NHS as a Senior Resuscitation Officer, spending much of this time challenging how patient care can be improved in medical emergencies through the use of preventative measures and high quality education. Steve is also a visiting lecturer for the University of Hertfordshire where he lectures on how high fidelity simulation can be used to reduce human error and medical emergencies.

Away from work Stephen enjoys spending time with his family and he is an avid ‘semi professional’ photographer. Steve also undertakes voluntary work both in and out of the UK as and when time allows. Using his skills as a health care professional he enjoys teaching in the voluntary sector for charities and he has also worked in Africa for a UK based non government organisation performing medical surveys to assist in humanitarian aid programmes. He is also a keen sportsman enjoying sports ranging from rugby to mountaineering.